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Muslin Swaddling blanket

Muslin Swaddling blanket

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*Single weight: 180G or so 

 * Product size: 120 * 120cm. Online price is a single price! 

 * Affirmation: Combed cotton with 21*32 large grid. Please see the website map for the printed map. Mind please take caution. If you are not satisfied with any quality problems, you can return the goods, the buyer bears the freight! 

 *The product passes the water washing process.

Style Korean elephant (non-AA standard), Korean whale (non-AA standard), sports meeting, bird (no fluorescence), colored stripes, blue monkey (no fluorescence), balloon elephant (no fluorescence), Kitty kitten ( No fluorescence), lake blue stars, lemon big flower, goldfish, frog, dragonfly, giraffe (no fluorescence) 1, purple deer (no fluorescence) 1)

 Dimensions 120*120CM

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